Making Changes to Our Building

We have a great big building to ourselves now that we moved into a place we can afford. The rent in our old neighborhood was difficult for our company to keep up with. We had one floor in the old building, and all our employees were crammed into the same space. I don’t like to put up cubicles for every employee, but they were necessary to keep peace among coworkers. We’re in our new building now, and everyone has enough space to themselves. We took apart our old cubicles when we were leaving the old building, and we left them there by the dumpster.

This new building has everything our business needs to succeed. We have an entire floor for the sales department, and our IT department has plenty of space to work on our machines. Instead of piling computers up in a hall closet, we are able to actually let our computer guys and girls take those machines apart. Our IT team has fixed two desktop computers so far, and I’m hoping they’re able to fix my laptop after it received some water damage. The old building was so crammed that we would have had to part with those machines to get new ones.

Now we are able to let our employees do the things they need to do their jobs. Our sales team is killing it on meeting their quotas because they have enough space to keep their notes together. The old office gave us few options of where to sit people, so we had to have some sales employees share a desk. That created some tension in the workplace, and those sales employees weren’t able to commit to their jobs the way that they would have if they had their own personal space at work.

The extra space is nice, but we have realized that with owning the building comes a responsibility to maintain the space. Our old building had a cleaning crew come by to take care of everything on the weekends, so we have had to find a crew that we can trust to come in when we’re not around. We have also had to make some changes to the outside of the building. The old bushes that were outside of the walkway leading to our new building were shriveled and nearly dead. We decided to get some new topsoil tacoma wa. to accommodate fresh flowers in our gardens. The fresh smell and lovely appearance of tulips is essential to my morning walk into work.

People are happier in our new building, so I am not surprised to see that our profits are higher than earlier. We have been able to take on some bigger clients with our new workspace. Clients see how dedicated our team is, and they want to work with us because they see that we have a space that we care about. I’m happy to invite customers to our headquarters now that we have a beautiful new building.